With over 40 years of service to our main customers, over 20 years of partnership with our suppliers and an average of 15 years of experienced employees, we based our development on our concept of reliability. Targeting continuous development, our company has ensured continuity from customers to suppliers and even to employees with a transparent management understanding regardless of market situation and condition.

Our company buys, processes and sells the best quality products pleasing the palate. Our purpose is always to please the end consumer and ensure that our customers, our company and our suppliers are always preferred.



Our company is capable to produce 50 tons of dried figs per day and is one of the fastest companies in the sector.

Our company has not only received compliance audit from all certification organizations, but also received the highest note and became a pioneer in the sector. Our laboratory and team led by the hygiene chief increased the awareness of hygiene and food safety in every part of the production.