Gabay Dış Ticaret has been trading and exporting dried fruits for the last four generations. Our main products are dried fig and dried apricot.

Our company combines the experience achieved over generations with today’s technologies and is growing with our values.

More than 100 years of experience, the plant in the production area, and our vision, makes us a worldwide company.

Our factory received the highest scores through hygiene and product quality audits from the different organizations. Currently our production capacity is 6000 tons in dried fig and 2500 tons in dried apricot. We aim to increase this numbers every year.

As a leading company in the dried fruit sector, we aim to be the pioneer of the sector and to continuously develop the sector with every step we take.



Our priority is to achieve best quality in our products and services to become a symbol of reliability and respectability. Every action we take is within the perfectionist concept. As Gabay Dış Ticaret, we use innovative methods and prioritize customer satisfaction in every point in our process line.

Awareness and implementation of quality management and food safety rules by all our employees, helps us to prevent mistakes and avoid repetition of any mistake.

Our company has grown together with Europe’s and the world’s most successful dried fruit brands; they are our main customers for over 40 years. Our main values, which are reliability, hygiene and product quality, made this growth permanent.

The surface area of our plant is 14000 m2 and is located in the Köşk district of Aydin. In the hot season the number of employees reaches to 1,500 in our company. We are one of the main employment sources in the district and surrounding villages.

Every year with the innovative methods, our company aims to add new technologies and machines to our plant. Our plant got highest scores from BRC, IFS, ISO, IMO, NOP and Bio-Suisse certification organizations.